Murder Mystery Machine for PC This Year

With the Apple Arcade release of The Tyger and The Lamb, episode 8 of Murder Mystery Machine, developer Blazing Griffin announces this episodic crime mystery will come to PC and consoles later this year. The Windows edition will come via Steam, and there will be a chance to sample a demo from April 23-26 during LudoNarraCon. Here's a release trailer for The Tyger and The Lamb, and here's more on the scheme, which would have worked if it wasn't for those meddling kids:
Murders, disappearances, conspiracies… Welcome to the District Crime Agency (DCA)

On her first day at the DCA, fresh-faced rookie Cassandra Clarke, is teamed with a reluctant burnt-out detective, Nate Huston, to investigate the murder of a prominent politician. While all evidence points to a botched robbery, it soon entwines the two detectives into a complex, interconnected series of crimes that are anything but an open-and-shut case.

A private investigator stabbed in the neck, an unknown body in a parking lot, an established journalist found murdered… Cassandra and Nate will find their deduction skills and their sense of justice challenged, as they piece together a complex web of suspects and motives.

Key Features:

  • A compelling mystery game that brings you right into the heart of the true detective experience.
  • Solve a series of thrilling investigations inspired by film noir and written by professional film and TV writers.
  • Immerse yourself in a pervasive noir setting with complex cases that will question the very nature of justice.
  • Discover unique puzzle-solving and deduction gameplay, where you can organize your own detective workspace connecting pieces of evidence to make deductions.
  • Explore dark and mysterious crime scenes and confront the suspects with the clues you found.
  • When the line between law and justice is blurred, make your own judgement of what is right and wrong.