Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail Leaves Early Access

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail has officially set sail on Steam after successfully navigating the choppy waters of Early Access. This historical wargame from puts you in command of famed commanders like Horatio Nelson and John Paul Jones in scenarios from the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Barbary Wars. Ultimate General creator Game-Labs promises realism in its sailing, damage model, ships & weapons, naval battles, landing operations, and land battles. Train your spyglass on this trailer for a look at gameplay, and read on for more:
Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail is calling player to take control of famed naval commanders like Horatio Nelson, John Paul Jones and many more, build a formidable fleet and seek for glory on the shores of Central America, the waters of the Atlantic, the Caribbean, the North or the Mediterranean Sea. The game simulates naval warfare with small actions to huge fleet battles and amphibious operations to control the world’s oceans and shores.

Beautiful ships of the Age of Sail period, accurate hull models, sail plans, guns and internal upgrades, are only some of the rich game features, which are promising a truly unique naval wargame experience in more than 80+ historical and speculative battles and actions, like the battle of Trafalgar, the battle of Bunker Hill, the battle of Nile, the battle of Chesapeake, the Battle of Copenhagen, the battles of Derna and Tripoli, and many more.