Fortnite Reboot a Friend Program Rebooted

Epic announces the return of the Reboot a Friend program for Fortnite players. This will allow you to earn rewards for getting friends who have kicked the habit to return to the battle royale. This will reward you with in game items and a 10 point bonus for each game played with friends, following a 100 point bonus for your first game together. Have no one to reboot? You can still get in on some of this:
Not everyone has friends on their list that haven’t played in 30 or more days. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to join the fun. Simply invite players from your friend list, play games, and unlock rewards! Even though you won’t be able to earn the 100-point first-game bonus, you’ll still be able to earn 10 points per game with these friends. Note: If you have eligible friends for Reboot a Friend, you must play with them in order to achieve points.