Viking Vengeance This Week

Since Vikings are the new zombies, Lowpoly Interactive announces Viking Vengeance will launch on Steam on April 8th, offering an action/RPG in a Viking mythological setting. The Launch Trailer shows off the game, and the description has a Hel of a lot of details:
Viking Vengeance is a God-Worshiping Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler ARPG set in a historical fiction world.
You play as a Templar with pagan origins who rediscovers his roots and learns to wield the powers of the Norse Gods in his quest to change the destiny of his people and stop Ragnarok.

Worship Gods
Pray and bring sacrifices to Gods to Unlock Alternate Fighting Styles and blessings. Each God is unique and will come with its own set of powers and abilities. You can unlock their power by filling up your devotion bar. The more you worship them, the faster your avatar forms will levelup, but neglecting one might anger him.