Wardens Rising Announced

Big Moxi Games announces Wardens Rising, an action hero shooter/base defense mashup that carries a TBA release date on Steam. Here's a trailer showing that blend of genres in action, and here's an explanation:
Upcoming PC/console genre-bending game Wardens Rising, aims to combine fast-paced action and MOBA-style base defense into one uniquely thrilling and often intense, PvE coop action hero shooter package. Currently in development at up-and-coming studio Big Moxi Games, Wardens Rising is fresh take on multiple genres that delivers a novel experience you will have to check out for yourself.

In Wardens Rising you will play as heroes in an elite fighting force assembled to save humanity from massive invasions by interdimensional enemies. An action-packed coop PvE MOBA-like experience of sorts, Wardens Rising gameplay is a mix of action hero shooter and base defense, where player heroes must protect energy cores across the realm from 100’s enemies in a single battle by using their special abilities, building and upgrading defense towers, and deploying tactical items on-the-fly. Between invasions heroes can upgrade their abilities and stats as well as unlock and upgrade new content to equip in their technology loadout. The isometric perspective helps you see what’s happening in battle with the invading enemy forces as well as to plan the best location to build defense towers and deploy tactical items like traps, walls, healing, teleporters and more!