Project Lilith Announced

Project Lilith is a revenge story action/RPG in the works at Soro Games to be published by PlayWay (even though it's not a Simulator game). It has a TBA release date on Steam, and you can take a look at gameplay in the Official Announcement Trailer.
Relive the Story
Journey through lands infested with demons and hell spawns, relive the story engulfed with pain and vengeance. Get ready to claim you revenge!

Arm Yourself
Gather different kinds of weaponry. Mix and match equipment to find your own style. Grab Sword and a Shield or go full blast dual wielding enormous swords. Select from wide range of different weapons and slay your enemies!

Fight Your Way Out
Never seen before action combat system. Be ferocious, be ruthless, on top of that be stylish. Fight your way to vengeance with style! Use different combos, keep in mind that different weapons behave differently, block, counter and use you FINISHER moves to kill off enemies !