Drive Buy Released

Drive Buy (we've also seen it written Drive-Buy) is now available on Steam, offering a short-session, multiplayer, vehicular combat game for Windows involving demented delivery drivers. There's also a Switch edition, and the game supports crossplay between the platforms. Here's the Launch Trailer and here's the road map:
Delivering fast, frantic vehicle combat against friends or online - without the need to be on the same platform thanks to designed from the ground up, cross platform play for gamers on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC, Drive Buy is inspired by legendary games like Twisted Metal, Rocket League, Vigilante 8 and Mario Kart and has been developed to appeal to all gamers looking for a revival of vehicle combat; a fresh twist on a much loved gaming genre.

Accessible, fast game entry and quick play sessions - your experience and the rivalries you create are the core of the game!

Drive-Buy is a short-session multiplayer vehicle combat game with a delivery twist! Drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with over the top power ups. The game offers an intoxicating mix of high speed combat and rivalries with larger than life characters and mind-bending power up combos!