No Man's Sky Adds Expeditions

The No Man's Sky Website announces a new Expeditions Update is now live in No Man's Sky, as Hello Games continues its strong post-release support for the space exploration game. The Expeditions Trailer shows off a new mode where players start on the same planet together. Word is: "Set forth on a new community-focused adventure with the Expeditions update. Start a fresh journey every season, master a unique set of challenges with revitalised mission mechanics, visit bustling hub worlds, and earn exclusive rewards to keep!" Hello says this is one of the game's biggest updates in a long while, and it includes hundreds of improvements and tweaks to the game. Here's the overview:
Expeditions is a seasonal and community focused mode and complements the existing modes like Normal, Creative, Survival and Permadeath. Every player will start out on the same planet with a journey plotted ahead of you across the galaxy. Each traveller starts with a custom collection of technology, customisations, new ships and weapons, providing a glimpse of some of the wild possibilities in the universe.

As a community you will adventure through the season passing journey milestones and completing the different phases along the way to unlock increasingly valuable rewards, many of which are unique to the season. Everything you unlock will be available across all modes, and at the end of the season existing expeditions will be converted to normal mode saves allowing play to continue.

If you are a returning player looking for a fresh start, an experienced explorer looking to recapture the awe of your first moments in No Man’s Sky, or a new player wishing to join in a huge community experience – then EXPEDITIONS should be a great place to jump in.

Whilst Expeditions is a huge addition, this update also provides a whole host of quality of life and feature improvements. From a new UI, to scanning capabilities, to combat enhancements, to starship overhauls – there’s hundreds of improvements and tweaks to enjoy. This is one of our biggest updates for a long while.