DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods - Part Two Released

The Ancient Gods - Part Two is now available on Steam, offering the second part of the campaign expansion for DOOM Eternal, the latest installment in id Software's classic first-person shooter series. This is also included as part of the Deluxe Edition or the Year One Pass. Accompanying the new content is Update 5 for the base game with new HUD options, new BATTLEMODE updates, bug fixes, and more. This post has details on the expansion and the patch along with The Ancient Gods – Part Two Official Trailer. Here's the overview:
We are proud to release the epic conclusion to the DOOM Slayer's saga in the final campaign expansion for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two. Experience three never-before-seen locations, deadly new enemy variants, and a stunning new weapon. It's some of our best work to date, so we hope you enjoy battling through the final chapter in the DOOM Slayer's saga!