Nine Chronicles Goes Open Source; Coming to Steam This Year

Free-to-play, blockchain-based MMORPG Nine Chronicles is available on its official website, and developer Planetarium announces it will launch on Steam later this year. This is a delay, as the listing there still shows a "Mid 2020" release date at the time of writing. This news comes alongside the announcement that it is now fully open source, furthering the mission of empowering players with complete control of the decentralized game. The Nine Chronicles Documentation has links to the source code and other relevant information. Here's a previously released Nine Chronicles Teaser Trailer and more details:
Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play RPG set in a vast fantasy world - ruled over by its players, and supported by an economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency.
In 2020, during development of Nine Chronicles, Planetarium partnered with Ubisoft and Hashed to form a partnership focused on developing blockchain-based games where there is no central server, which allows players have full control of the world.

Now completely open-source, players and developers alike can use any part of the game, from the beautiful bespoke 2D assets to in-game logic and code, for whatever they like. Be it an extension of Nine Chronicles or something completely new and innovative, Planetarium is encouraging users to delve into the game's inner workings and get creative.

To support this goal, Planetarium is offering grants to developers who will use their open source toolkit to build content and helpful tools for the community.