Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heart of Russia Announced

SCS Software announces Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heart of Russia, a new expansion that will take the transportation simulation into Russia. This is already available to Wishlist on Steam, but it does not yet carry a release date. A post on the SCS Software Blog discusses the project, including the fairly obvious point that it won't be practical to try and recreate the entirety of the gigantic country. What we hope is that they do something with driver AI to recreate some of the magical moments we've seen on YouTube from Russian dashcam videos. The post offers some screenshots and the first details. Here's a bit:
After focusing on the southwest of Europe, our eyes are set in the very opposite direction. Our roads will continue to expand into the world's largest country by area, Russia. Home to a rich cultural heritage and history, drivers will be able to deliver to the very heart of Russia - Moscow, and beyond.

To manage expectations, it's important to explain our ambition for the project. Russia is so vast that we cannot expect to include the whole country, we do not even dare to cover the whole of the European part in one project. Our current goal is to reach the upper Volga river, but if you know Russian geography, perhaps think of the Oka river rather than the lower parts of Volga or Don. The size of the territory we plan to cover is huge anyway, comparable to the previous, as of now still upcoming Iberia map expansion.