The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante Released

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is now available, offering a text-based, "dark fantasy" RPG for Windows from publisher 101XP and developer Sever. This can be found on, the Epic Games Store,, and Steam. It features five chapters, and you can get started with chapters one and two, which are offered for free on Steam, where they have met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. A new trailer shows off the game's look, which is bleak and mostly monochromatic, befitting the bleak title. Here's more:
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is a narrative-driven text-based RPG set in a ruthless medieval realm that comes to life on the pages of the protagonist's journal. Though every man's life is predetermined by the Lot they received at birth, it is you who decides whether your character will challenge fate and alter his destiny, rewriting the established laws of the universe.

Your decisions will shape Sir Brante’s personality, revealing new choices and twists of fate in the years to come. Will he be determined, strong-willed, and driven to succeed by any means necessary? Or will he grow up to be a wise, insightful man capable of understanding the inner workings of the world and reading the hearts of the people around him? Develop the personality traits you want to see in the main character and watch his life unfold before your very eyes.

Witness the harsh customs and merciless justice of the Blessed Arknian Empire, and write the main character’s fate as he lives it. Who will he become – a judge, an inquisitor, or a rebel? The choice is yours.


  • Choose your fate. Develop and train your character, leveling up traits like determination, sensitivity, and endurance. All of Sir Brante’s skills will affect his personality, worldview, and relationships, ultimately unlocking new talents and possible storylines.
  • Delve into a dark and mysterious world. Learn about the world in which Sir Brante lives – the laws and traditions of the Arknian Empire, the lives of people born into their sacred Lots, and the Twins, stern gods who guide the fates of all who inhabit their world.
  • Every playthrough is unique. Lesser Deaths allow the character to keep his experience, but the fourth one would be his True Death that sends Sir Brante to the Twins ordeal. The unpredictable conclusion to the game's story hinges solely on your actions: the fates of your character and members of his family, their friends and rivals, as well as the outcome of the monumental events that shall determine the future of the Empire – you can decide it all!

Every major ending includes a myriad of variables that will be dictated by dozens of choices made by Sir Brante throughout his entire lifetime.