Blink-Controlled Before Your Eyes Announced

Publisher Skybound Games and developer GoodbyeWorld Games announce Before Your Eyes, a narrative adventure game that's coming to Steam. This will feature an unusual control scheme whereby the user controls the story through eye blinks, which are detected through their webcam. Here's the Blink and You'll Miss It Announcement Trailer and here's more on how this will work:
A personal tale of self-discovery at its core, Before Your Eyes tells a heartfelt story as players reflect and relive the happy, beautiful, and heartbreaking moments of a life once lived. Players embark upon a thought-provoking journey with the Ferryman who is tasked with shepherding souls to the afterlife. They move through time by using real-world blinking to interact and progress through the story.

Before Your Eyes’ unique blink interaction mechanic offers a novel way for players to control the story and become more immersed, as their progress is determined through their eyes and detected through the player’s webcam. As life flashes before their eyes, each blink will help the players interact with the world or make the memory fade and disappear like a dream. Players move organically through the story and experience its emotional peaks and valleys in the most natural way, until they reach the end of their journey and realize the ultimate truth.