The Art of Artisan Keycaps

There's an article on PC Gamer on the creation of artisan keycaps, an interesting look at a hobby/business that we weren't previously familiar with, even though the scene has been growing for several years (thanks Neutronbeam). As the piece notes, these keycaps are not necessarily intended to practical as much as fun and aesthetic, so the assertion that these will be "your new PC gaming obsession" may or may not be accurate. There's a profile of Clackeys, a company that's evolved to creating such keys via 3D printing. But there's also an outline the process of creating your own, and this video from a couple of years ago shows the process, which involves resin, silicone molds, and LEGO, of all things. Here's a bit:
Undoubtedly, then, manufacturing your own keycaps is a niche hobby. As Black puts it: "a niche hobby in a niche hobby in a niche hobby." But one that can be highly rewarding if you're prepared to put the effort into it.

From a humble hobby to a business on the side, to a larger-scale operation like Clackeys, though, there's a laundry list of reasons why artisan keycaps could become your next PC gaming obsession. Even if you're more than happy to let someone else do all the hard work and wish to donate your hard earned cash in pursuit of becoming a keycap connoisseur.