Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense Released

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense is now available on and Steam, offering a Windows and macOS tower defense game where you play as a cybersecurity expert fighting against "hackers and other blockchain threats." Presumably through the power of memes. Here's a trailer and here's the pitch:
In Crypto Against All Odds, you play as a blockchain security expert doing bounties jobs in the early days of Bitcoin. When hacking activities begin to surge, you sense a looming threat trying to bring down the entire crypto space. As you interact with other forum users, read terminal chats and message boards, you slowly piece together a big conspiracy. Meanwhile, the people behind it are also on to your true identity, something you have been trying to keep as a secret.


  • Roleplay as a Security Expert: Take the role of a cybersecurity expert. Visit a virtual forum, take on bounties jobs, read terminal chat messages and uncover a huge conspiracy in the crypto space.
  • Side activities: Partake in various activities in-between missions: chat with your crypto squad, trade cryptocurrencies, play arcade mini-games, read inbox messages from strangers. Use your wit to make choices, and be prepared for the consequences.
  • Squad customization: Whether you want to slow down enemies with a plasma beam, blast them in an explosion, or teleport your crypto around, there will be a unit to cover your tactical need. Explore different synergies by combining crypto units with various supporting powers, from zapping a single bug to calling airstrikes.
  • Base building: Visit and upgrade your central Hub between missions. Each Hub upgrade is not only cosmetic but will grant additional features or even introduce an entirely new game mode!
  • Other features
    • Mini arcade games
    • In-game Encyclopedia
    • Endless Survival mode
    • On-demand music playlist
    • Crypto memes