PAYDAY 2 Gets Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack

A new Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack is now available on Steam for PAYDAY 2, the Windows and macOS heist sequel. This comes along with a version 203 update for the base game, and this post has the details on the DLC and a full changelog for the patch. Here's word on the pack:
San Francisco, a port that bridges between the east and the west and the home turf of the smuggler Jiu Feng. He brings a brand new DLC with lots of contraband that reflect this duality. He starts off his offer with 3 new weapons. The Mosconi 12G Tactical Shotgun, a powerful weapon when used up close and personal against any ill-advised opponent. The AK Gen 21 Tactical Submachine gun, one or two firearms, perfect firearm handling escalating situations abruptly and with a barrage of bullets. The Crosskill Chunky Compact Pistol one or two little get-out-of-trouble free cards to keep in your sleeve when the cops are after you and the neighbourhood is starting to look unfriendly.

However Jiu Feng is a business man and he knows a good business deal starts with a good offer so he brings even more to the table. 20 new weapon colors that take inspiration from both sides of the great ocean. He even has one extra weapon color for you that you will be able to try out right away for free.