Journey to an Unsupported Planet

A post on Reddit details how Journey to the Savage Planet users are now stranded on that Savage Planet without proper support (thanks Kxmode). The game's developer, Typhoon Studios, was acquired by Google Stadia in 2019. According to Kotaku, all of Typhoon was subsequently let go as a consequence of Google ending internal game development. The Stadia version of Journey to the Savage Planet is apparently riddled with bugs and technical issues. A user who reached out to Google for help was told to contact 505 Games, the original publisher of the title. 505 informed that user that Google is actually the game's publisher on Stadia, and is also the owner of the game's source code. So at this point the situation surrounding the game is a pile of hot garbage, to borrow the title of the game's DLC. All may not be lost, as a tweet from Stadia says they are working on a fix (thanks 9to5Google). Oddly they still refer to their "partner publisher," which should be them:
Thanks for the details. We're aware of this and our team is diligently working with our partner publisher on a fix. We'd suggest keeping an eye on our social channels for updates. We appreciate your patience!