WoW May Allow Horde and Alliance to Raid Together

At a BlizzConline panel, Blizzard responded to a question about faction population balance in World of Warcraft, saying it may be possible that one day Alliance and Horde players will be allowed to raid together. PC Gamer has word on this possible bipartisanship:
During a World of Warcraft Q&A panel as part of BlizzCon 2021, game director Ion Hazzikostas said that, while preserving the rivalry between the two sides is a crucial ingredient in WoW's appeal, concessions could one day be made to let players from different factions do cooperative group activities together like raids or Mythic+ dungeons.

This statement came after Hazzikostas fielded some tough questions from players about the imbalanced player population between factions, as well as frustrations many players have to deal with when their server just isn't as well-populated as others.

"This is something we talk about a tremendous amount," Hazzikostas said. "We know there's a very real problem, particularly at the high end of the raiding and Mythic+ scene."