Rainbow Six Quarantine Now Rainbow Six Parasite?

MP1st has an image that serves as evidence that Rainbow Six Parasite is the new title for Rainbow Six Quarantine. This makes sense, as Ubisoft has already indicated that they were mulling a name change for the upcoming release out of sensitivity over the ongoing pandemic. Ubisoft has not yet commented on the discovery, which is explained thusly:
While Ubisoft has remained mum on any new details, it seems the publisher is moving forward with the game, as a file for it has been uploaded on the PlayStation Network! This file numbers the game version as 1.01, and cites it as the “Initial launch patch.”

Upon further digging, we found what seems to be an image from the file belonging to the PS4 of the dash, boot, and save data icon, and the mention of Rainbow Six Parasite, which could be Rainbow Six Quarantine’s new title! Note that Ubisoft has confirmed that it was mulling a name change and moving away from “Quarantine” given the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the images we’ve obtained below.