Riot CEO Facing Harassment Lawsuit

More legal trouble is brewing at Riot Games besides their defense in an ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit. Vice reports that Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent is being sued by his former assistant over sexual harassment. Former Riot employee Sharon O’Donnell was Laurent's executive assistant at Riot Games before she was fired in July 2020. They offer this summary of a lawsuit she filed last month in the Superior Court for the State of California in Los Angeles county:
“Shortly after Plaintiff was hired the Defendant Laurent began a pattern of harassing Plaintiff based on her sex or gender. This continued until the end of her employment," the lawsuit states. The alleged harassment included Laurent commenting on O’Donnell’s physical appearance, telling her to be more feminine and to watch her tone, telling female employees to handle Covid stress by having children, “telling Plaintiff that he really was a size extra-large but that he just liked a ‘tight fit,’” putting his arm around her and asking her to travel with him, asking her if she “could handle him when they were alone at his house,” and "telling Plaintiff she should 'cum' over to his house while his wife was away thereby implying they should have sex," the suit states.