Robin Hood - Builders Of Sherwood Announced

MeanAstronauts announces Robin Hood - Builders Of Sherwood, an upcoming action/adventure based on the legend of Robin Hood. The Official Trailer offers a look at how this includes a combination city-building and role-playing, which presumably combine with a dash of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Details on the game can be found in its Steam Listing, and a summary follows:
Robin Hood is an action adventure game combining RPG and City-building elements, where we will play the role of a classic hero to fight to defend the oppressed by tyranny. The game is in a third person perspective. As the king of thieves, we will steal, rob, fight, ride a horse, shoot a bed, help the poor and also develop a forest village and its community. In the game, we will have an open world that we can freely explore.

Robin Hood is a hero of medieval English folk legends who lived with his companions in Sherwood Forest and fought against the despotic sheriff of Nottingham.
In the game we will meet legendary characters such as: Lady Marion, Little John, Brother Tuck, Allan from the Valley and Will Scarlet.