Dota 2 Gets Community Regulation

The Dota 2 Blog announces "Overwatch Arrives in Dota," meaning the MOBA is getting the same community self-regulation tools as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Out hopes that this means Genji or Winston from Blizzard's game of the same name would strike down miscreants are dashed by the explanation of what this means:
Much like in CS:GO, Overwatch for Dota 2 provides a system that allows good-standing members of the community to verify the validity of reports flagging disruptive actions within games.

If a player chooses to review a case, they’ll watch a replay with pre-marked sections indicating possible negative behavior by a specific player. After reviewing the replay, they can choose: guilty, not guilty, or insufficient evidence for either.

Eligible players will occasionally be notified below their profile pictures that they have the option to review a case. Reviewers will earn an accuracy score for their efforts, and those who falsely convict will receive a lower score, eventually losing the ability to participate in Overwatch at all. To gather a pool of reliable reviewers, we’ll be enabling a growing number of accounts for participation over the next week or so.