Highway Builder Announced

Road Studio and Detalion Games announce Highway Builder, an upcoming simulation that allows you to manage highway construction and repair projects. Have you ever looked on in envy as you drive past road crews? Or perhaps you already work in the field and wish you could revisit you job in you leisure time? Then you'll want to wishlist this on Steam so you can pick it up on its release date, which is TBA. The Announcement Trailer shows off gameplay, and here are more details:
Highway Builder combines elements of a construction worker simulation and company management. After accepting the tasks, you will decide which machines and tools will be necessary during the construction, select the right professionals to the team and send them to the field. Depending on the mission you will need a completely different set of machines, equipment and specialists! Then, during the construction phase, you will take control over individual members of the construction team to perform specific tasks by yourself. Remember that each client expects high quality from you and allocates a specific budget to complete the work. Prove to him that it is possible to do the job well, fast and to not exceed the budget! After all, you are the professionals.