Deep Rock Galactic Tops 2M Sales

A new post from Ghost Ship Games has another sales success story, announcing that Deep Rock Galactic has sold over two million copies since launching into Early Access on Steam just under three years ago. They admit this is ten times as many copies as they would have considered to be a success for the co-op first-person shooter:
Before we launched into Early Access, we reached an internal agreement that 200.000 units sold during the game's lifetime would be suitable, and would allow us to continue and do a new game. But now we just crossed 2 MILLION units sold, and the game is performing stronger than ever - not only in sales, but also in the strength of the community. When reading a random thread on gaming and suddenly one user comments "Rock and Stone", causing the whole thread to explode in rock-and-stone shouts, then you know you've created something extraordinary and transcending. And the "we" does not only mean us developers, but also very much you, the community around Deep Rock Galactic. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!