New Star Trek Online Season

House Reborn is now live in Star Trek Online, celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Trekkie MMORPG, offering part one of the finale to the game's Klingon War. This features two episodes centered around Star Trek: Discovery's L’Rell and Tenavik, a new Klingon Recruitment System, a Special Anniversary Event, and a complete revamp of the Klingon experience. Cryptic has also added the ability of players of all factions to command any ship for the first time. Here's the Launch Trailer and the captain's log:
All this takes place across two brand new featured episodes. House Reborn also introduces a ton of new playable content for PC players to explore and exciting updates exclusively for Klingon characters. A full list of game features released with today’s update includes:

  • Two Brand New Episodes - In “Knowledge is Power,” Captains will play as J’Ula and return to the sacred planet, Boreth to seek guidance from Tenavik, before heading to Gre’thor to seek out guidance from L’Rell in “Leap of Faith.”
  • Klingon Recruitment System - Players who start a new Klingon Captain will now earn several rewards for all Captains on their account.
  • Klingon Revamp - This past summer, Star Trek Online began a full revamp of the Klingon Defense Force faction. With today’s update, all mission content exclusive to Klingon Captains is now fully remastered, including most environments, stories and missions, cutscenes and voice-overs from Star Trek actors like Michal Dorn (Worf) and Shannon Cochran (Lady Sirella). Updated content also includes:
    • Remastered Tutorial - Players will discover treachery aboard their ship and take command from a traitorous captain.
    • Empire Story Arc (5 missions) - Captains will travel across the empire and uncover a plot to overthrow the Empire.
    • Warzone Story Arc (4 missions) - After discovering the traitors of the Empire, players will join forces with Worf and House Martok.
    • Fek'lhir Story Arc (3 missions) - Once thought to be a legend, the Klingon demons known as the Fek'liri return to attack Qo'noS. Players will join forces with Kahless and send them back to Grethor.
  • Anniversary Event - Captains will be able to explore numerous episodes, patrols, and TFOs associated with the Klingon Civil War, and earn a new Alliance Klingon Bird of Prey.
  • Cross Faction Flying - For the first time ever, Federation Captains will have the ability to command Klingon Ships and Klingon Captains can command Federation ships. To unlock this feature, players will need a Klingon character who has reached level 65.
  • Free Discovery Uniform - To celebrate Star Trek Online’s 11th anniversary, all PC captains will be able to claim a free uniform from Star Trek: Discovery for a limited time.