Alleged Resident Evil 4 Remake Development Allegedly Rebooted

VGC has an unconfirmed report that Capcom is partially rebooting development of their Resident Evil 4 Remake. This project has never been officially announced, so this is a rumor of a setback of a rumored game. They attribute the story to "people with knowledge of the project" who say the release may be pushed out to 2023 as a result of the gear shift. Word is the role of developer M-Two is being scaled back in favor of an in-house Capcom team as they attempt to make a more faithful recreation of the original game following criticism of their Resident Evil 3 Remake:
It’s believed that the disagreements that led to M-Two’s reduced role involved the studio’s desire to stick faithfully to the template of the original Resident Evil 4, partly influenced by backlash to Resident Evil 3’s remake, which did not include significant portions of the original PlayStation game, much to fans’ disappointment.

Capcom’s production team, however, is said to prefer a direction which would see RE4’s remake inspired by the original, but with its own unique take on features, story elements and environments not necessarily confined to the blueprint of the original, similar to Resident Evil 2‘s use of Mr. X.

Sources said that the Resident Evil 4 Remake would now be partially rebooted under the new mandate, which could see its release delayed by as much as a year to 2023.