PalmRide Demo

A playable demo for PalmRide is now available on Steam, offering the chance to sample this retro racing game until you grow hair on your palms. A Demo Trailer offers a look at the game's retro graphics and gameplay that will recall the glory days of game arcades without requiring any quarters. This also shows that the game has been completely reskinned, and looks totally different than it used to. Here's a description of the game and the demo:
PalmRide is an endless driving game set in a futuristic environment inspired by the popular Cyberpunk and Outrun aesthetics. The game is also heavily inspired by the classic Pseudo-3D racing games like Out Run or Lotus III.

What is the goal of the game you might ask?
Well, just drive around as much as you can and have fun. In the final version of the game there will be a global ranking system for all the players, but in this Demo, you just drive around endlessly. We might add other game modes in the final version of the game (like “don’t run out of fuel”), but for now, the demo captures the pure essence of the game.

The demo is set in the city zone, so you have to avoid obstacles that you usually find in cities, like cars, motorcycles, police motorcycles, speed bumps... killer arcade machine robots?