Play Endless Games for Free

Amplitude Studios announces the kickoff of AMPLIFIED, the new name for the event formerly known as the Endless Day. This offers the chance to sample all of their games, including the Endless series and Humankind (hence the name change). This is not endless, however, it just runs through the weekend, and they are also offering sale prices and free content, including some on games2gether where you can pick up a free copy of Virtua Fighter 2. Last but not least, they're releasing new Endless Definitive Editions and opening up preorders for two new DLC packs. You can find links to all the games on the Amplitude Studios Steam Page and get a look at what's going on in this Endless Universe Franchise Trailer. Here the plan:
Today we're excited to be releasing the Definitive Editions for the Endless games! We're also debuting the new Endless™ Universe logo with an Endless™ Universe franchise trailer and launching pre-orders for 2 new DLCs. These quest-focused packs are perfect for lovers of the Endless universe who want to dive further into its lore:

  • Endless Space 2™ – Dark Matter: 12 new quests that view the Endless Universe from the underbelly of events and discoveries that have, on occasion, been dark indeed...
  • Endless Legend™ – Monstrous Tales: 20 new tales are enriched with monsters and myths from the depths of Auriga's mysterious and menacing history; a tapestry of friends and foes, hope and horror.

That's right, from now through Monday at 10AM PST, try out Endless Space 2, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless free on Steam.

If you enjoy yourself and want to nab the games forever, they're discounted up to 75% off!

If historical strategy is more your speed, we've got some special HUMANKIND content planned as well. During our HUMANKIND stream from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM CET on the 22nd, we'll be enabling Twitch drops. You'll be able to collect ingame avatars of your favorite streamers by watching a total of one hour stream time!

We'll also be dropping HUMANKIND Feature Focus video on Avatar AI tomorrow. In HUMANKIND, each avatar will have it's own personality that can be set by the user. You can then share it with your friends, so they can then play against you even when you're offline.

Players are also invited to create a free account on our game co-creation site Games2Gether and collect the following freebies courtesy of ourselves and SEGA®!

  • Virtua Fighter 2 (Free game!)
  • Endless Space 2 Artbook
  • HUMANKIND Wallpapers