Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas Released

Grinding Gear Games now offers the release of Echoes of the Atlas, the new expansion for Path of Exile, their free-to-play action/RPG. This is now available for Windows and macOS, and the console versions are expected to follow next week. Here's the Official Trailer for the add-on, and here is a feature list:
The Echoes of the Atlas expansion will deliver several new pieces of content and improvements such as:

  • End-game content including new pinnacle boss, The Maven, which requires players to defeat several bosses simultaneously in order to challenge her; New Boss Arena; Atlas Passive Skill Trees; 11 New Maps with Bosses; Craftable Watchstones and The Maven’s Orb.
  • New Ritual Challenge League
  • New items and skills
  • Rebalancing nineteen Ascendancy classes, three of which had major reworks
  • The return of Heist and Harvest leagues