Challenge Speedball Released

Challenge Speedball has sped out of Early Access and this Windows multiplayer paintball simulation is now available on Steam. This offers third-person shooter gameplay and the ability to design your own maps, as shown in this trailer. Here's the lowdown on gameplay and Speedball:
In this fast paced competition, teams of 1 to 5 players occupy a playing field filled with inflatable "bunkers". Each team tries to eliminate the other team by "marking" them with paint until they are all eliminated. They can also win by reaching the other team's home base.

Challenge Speedball is not just a paintball “shootout”, but a game involving much cooperation, communication and strategy among team players. In this time of COVID, this is a great opportunity for those who cannot leave home..

Express your creativity and design your players own look with custom jersey decals and colors. Give your player his/her own custom color paint balls.

Don’t like the playing field? Make your own with our easy and intuitive playing field generator. Upload all your creations to Steam Workshop to be shared with friends and even the whole Steam Community.


  • Retro style multi-player
  • Based on the popular live action game “Speedball”.
  • Rules, scoring and gameplay faithful to the actual game.
  • High degree of player customization, including team color, jersey design and paint color.
  • Players can design and share custom playing field layouts.
  • AI Bots are available for practice while waiting for players.
  • No in app purchases. No hidden fees.
  • Players can change their viewpoint from “third person” to “first person” using “zoom” control.
  • High degree of player control and game settings, including key bindings, aiming crosshair, graphics, audio and more.
  • Public Leaderboard in Steam for Kills/Death Ratio.
  • Public/Team Chat