Build and Discover: America Announced

Angry Bulls Studio announces Build and Discover: America, a strategy game that builds the city-building genre into a country-builder. This will include economics and construction based on actual events: "The game is based on the real history of the United States – but it doesn't mean everything will look like in the history books – how the final events unfold depends only on you." This trailer offers a look at the game, starting by raising a 24-star flag (1822-1836). The game has a Steam Listing currently showing a TBA release date. Here's more on this effort to form a more perfect union which began 12 score and five years ago:
You will take part in the first moments when the conquistadors arrived on the new continent.

For centuries, you will participate in developing the

  • political
  • economic
  • cultural foundations of the new continent

That will lead you to the signing of the constitution, the establishment of congress, and industrial cities.