Out of the Blue

Last year I mentioned my learning experience when the swans and most of the ducks did not depart our area to fly south for the winter. Now that I'm aware this isn't something they all must do, I'm not shocked that they are once again sticking around. But they still have the capacity to surprise me, as they've been spending most of their time on the nearby pond, undeterred by the fact that it's frozen over most of the time. The swans, who generally don't seem to like walking or sitting on dry land, spent most of yesterday sitting on the ice. At one point they tucked their heads back and took a lengthy nap. Even when a bit of the ice thawed they spent more time on the ice than in the exposed water. It's still hard to fathom how comfortable they and the ducks seem. Whether on the ice, or swimming around, they so not seem to care at all. I'm jealous, as I am always cold when outdoors in winter, even wearing a down jacket that uses the very same insulation that they do.

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