Valve Seeks Shrink

A new job listing from Valve Corporation seeks to hire a psychologist to help them develop new technologies (thanks GameSpot). They list various areas a qualified candidate could help with, though it doesn't say whether their new hire could help uncover the reasons behind their aversion to the number three:
Here are a few ways you could utilize your knowledge of experimental design, research methods, statistics, and human behavior to help us:

  • Craft compelling gameplay experiences for future Valve titles
  • Provide insights on human behavior to improve customer experiences on Steam, our game distribution platform
  • Conduct statistical analyses on Valve's gameplay, financial, and company data to identify patterns of behavior
  • Research compelling new hardware technologies
  • Design experiments to evaluate various gameplay hypotheses and design choices
  • Improve existing playtesting methodologies
  • Develop innovative ways of acquiring data to answer questions about Valve's products and business practices