Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Frustrated by Management Decisions

For more on Cyberpunk 2077, a report on Bloomberg has word on a rebellious atmosphere that's brewing at CD PROJEKT RED following the rocky launch of their sci-fi RPG (thanks Kxmode). Like gamers, the developers are frustrated by the state of the game upon release. Here's a bit on what happened during an internal meeting between staff and management:
During Cyberpunk 2077’s development, staff endured multiple periods of extensive overtime including mandatory six-day weeks to finish the game, Bloomberg has reported. When asked about this crunch time in the Q&A, the directors said they had plans to improve production practices in the future but didn’t elaborate, according to one person who was there.

One employee asked the board why it had said in January that the game was “complete and playable” when that wasn’t true, to which the board answered that it would take responsibility. Another developer asked whether CD Projekt’s directors felt it was hypocritical to make a game about corporate exploitation while expecting that their employees work overtime. The response was vague and noncommital.

Many industry observers have wondered why Cyberpunk 2077, which was first announced in 2012 and was delayed three times in 2020, still appears to be unfinished. Several current and former staff who worked on Cyberpunk 2077 have all said the same thing: The game’s deadlines, set by the board of directors, were always unrealistic. It was clear to many of the developers that they needed more time.