Diablo IV Item Details

Blizzard offers their latest Quarterly Update on Diablo IV with more on what to expect from the upcoming continuation of their action/RPG series. They itemize what to expect from this, which is itemization. They explain they understand the importance of getting the goods right in a loot-oriented game, and they go into detail on the Skills Tree, Primary Stats, Weapon Types, Item Qualities, Legendary Affixes, and Uniques. Here's a bit on how they're sweating the details:
Lead Game Designer Joe Shely is going to walk us through all of our major itemization updates today. We’ve reviewed every aspect of itemization from top to bottom and reworked elements that we felt weren’t living up to their potential—from the individual stats that our classes tap into to the visual representation of items in your inventory. Of course, it’s still early and we still have lots more playtesting and iterating to do, but we think this direction puts us down a more solid foundational path and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you today.