U.S. Considering Streaming Regulation

A story on Protocol reveals the U.S. is considering passing a law that will make streaming copyrighted material illegal. Word is this is a proviso being shoehorned into a "must pass" spending bill. This does not mention games, but according to Kotaku this will impact Twitch streamers, if not game streaming. Here's a bit from the report:
Lawmakers are cramming multiple controversial copyright provisions into a must-pass spending bill at the eleventh hour, stirring up pushback from tech companies and civil liberties activists who say they're skirting proper procedure in order to create a system that's vulnerable to abuse.

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees have agreed to include a package of three provisions — the controversial CASE Act, the Trademark Modernization Act and a felony streaming proposal — in the omnibus spending bill, which must pass before a Dec. 11 government shutdown deadline, according to two congressional aides.

A group of 18 organizations, including tech trade groups, advocacy organizations and multiple library associations, are urging congressional leadership to decline to include the provisions, according to a letter obtained by Protocol on Friday.