Out of the Blue

A snide comment in the forums made me aware that the growing number of sites with paywalls or registration requirements may cause some of the links posted here to be less helpful than others. So let's work on a satisfactory solution. The complication is that many sites offer a certain number of articles for free each month, so there's some inconsistency to this. My first effort is to create a tag to cover all the bases by warning when a link "may require registration or subscription." Hopefully this is enough of a heads-up to mouse over the link and decide whether it is worth a click. Feel free to offer feedback on whether this is helpful as it is, or if you think something else will work better.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto was released 20 years ago today on December 7, 2000, hence today's new logo. This was originally created by Walter "2" Costinak and updated for our current format by Scott.

Registered Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.