Embr Free Weekend

A free weekend is undrway for Embr on Steam, allowing everyone to sample this Early Access firefighting game for the next few days. Here's a recent video to get you fired up about this, and here's more to fan the flames:
Welcome to the Embr Free Weekend! This weekend only, you and your friends can experience the thrills of life as private firefighters, and test the waters as trial Embr Respondrs! Want to upgrade to a permanent Respondr certification? Sign up today and get 30% off your purchase!

For prospective Respondrs to Embr, prepare yourselves and friends for frantic first person cooperative firefighting set in a hyper-capitalist reality where traditional emergency services are a thing of the past. As private firefighters, you get to save lives, salvage property, clear hazardous gas, and even take up a few side gigs, all on your own convenient schedule!

Scale buildings with your ladder, or upgrade to a grappling hook. Smash windows with your fire axe, or purchase yourself a breaching charge. Toss clients down to your trampoline, or equip them with a stylish parachute. Embr brings the power of the free market to you!