Native EVE Online Coming to macOS

CCP announces they are developing a native macOS client for EVE Online. This will allow those who think different to experience the warmth and camaraderie of one of the ruthless outer space MMORPG. They say they expect to have this in players' hands in the first half of 2021:
Today, Icelandic videogame developer CCP Games is proud to announce that EVE Online, the deep and uniquely player-driven spacefaring MMO game, will soon run as a native app on macOS Big Sur.

CCP’s platform development efforts for EVE Online are fully focused on enabling native support for macOS Big Sur and Apple’s powerful graphics processing framework, Metal. With live public testing of the native macOS intel-based client due to launch in Q1 2021, the Metal-powered EVE Online experience is scheduled to be playable on the Mac in the first half of next year.