I Am Your President: Prologue

I Am Your President: Prologue is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a free sample of this upcoming game that simulates the job that's often described as the most powerful in the world. Here's a trailer with a look at the prologue along with an outline of what this entails:
We would like to introduce I Am Your President: Prologue - a FREE narrative rogulike serving as a prequel to the full game, in which you take a role of the President of the United States of course! Discover the origins of the story and play as the protagonist’s predecessor. It's also worth adding that there is no similar game in the world! It's unique mix of strategy and narrative roguelike.

The game begins in a time, when you, as a President of the United States, are starting to think about the election's winning. Make good decisions, answer wisely during press conferences and watch out for the public opinion. Even the smallest thing may help you in being reelected! The game is heavily inspired by the real-world events, discusses them or even ventures into satire!