Mediatonic Turns 15; Celebrates 11M Fall Guy Sales

Mediatonic announces Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has now sold 11 million units, just a couple of weeks after revealing that their battle royale platformer passed the 10 million mark. This comes in the developer's announcement that they are celebrating their 15th anniversary, a journey that started with two developers creating flash games and leading to this point where they have 271 employees and this best-selling game. They include this video marking the occasion, tough I'd advise avoiding this for those subject to seizures. Here's part of their commemoration of the news:
This year, Fall Guys has sold more than 11 million copies on PC and become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time, racking up four Game Awards nominations in the process (our fingers are firmly crossed). But beyond the numbers, 2020 has been a year of enriching and often surreal moments. Having ESPN create an actual film about TimTheTatMan’s journey to his first Fall Guys crown celebrates a bonafide internet sensation. Mobile title Yahtzee with Buddies has grossed an unimaginable half a billion dollars to date. Murder by Numbers sashayed onto multiple platforms and many a ‘Best Games of 2020’ list. Brands’ hunger for appearing in Fall Guys was leveraged with the ‘Battle of the Brands’, leading to an eye-watering $1 million donation for the wonderful work of Special Effect. Our team even (poorly) dressed up as Geese, Godzilla and Sonic for IP collaborations we’d previously only dreamed of. It has been quite the year.

On the business side, Mediatonic now sits at the heart of the recently formed Tonic Games Group family—now over 300 people strong, with 68 new hires in 2020 for Mediatonic alone. We were incredibly humbled to receive the ‘Best Studio’ accolade at the Develop:Star Awards, an honor that meant so much to us as we try to negotiate rapid growth with a close eye on sustainability and nurturing a positive, supportive company culture. This year has also been significant for welcoming top tier talent and ambitious new faces alike to help us continue our journey creating thought-provoking, creative and above-all fun gaming experiences. It’s our hope our games make the world just a little brighter.

Fundamentally, we just want to say thank you. To our wonderful, hard-working and ever-growing team and to everyone who has taken the time to experience, write about, or share the games we create. We literally wouldn’t be here without you and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Mediatonic’s 15th birthday - in numbers

  • Developed over 130 games
  • Mediatonic started with just 2 people, grew to 25 in 2008, 50 in 2012. In 2020, there’s 271 team mates
  • Mediatonic’s first ever game, Snowman Savage, got 2 million viral hits in 2005
  • 2008’s Amateur Surgeon sliced its way to 100 million plays
  • Mobile title Yahtzee with Buddies grossed 500 million dollars (lifetime)
  • 2020’s Fall Guys sold over 11 million copies on PC and became the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time
  • 545,275,737 Fall Guys were eliminated this September
  • 113 million hours of Fall Guys were consumed by Twitch viewers this August
  • In 2019, Mediatonic consumed 3,055,299 coffee beans