AK-xolotl Announced

They say all of the good titles are taken, and as if to prove that, solo developer Daniel Piqueras Constantin announces AK-xolotl, a top-down battle arena shooter coming next year to Steam. IGN won the huge bidding war to debut the game's Official Teaser Trailer. Here are the details:
AK-xolotol is a top-down arcade battle arena shooter featuring the axolotl - viral meme star and cute amphibian. As the apex predator, you must defend your pond from enemy invaders to score big.

Face off against increasingly chaotic waves of predators, invaders, and field mice in single-player and co-op game modes!

AK-xolotl Features:

  • 15 Different Weapons w/ Stat Roles and Rare Variants
  • 6 Power Drops to Beef Up Axolotl
  • 10+ Enemies, Each here to tear you from regenerative limb from limb
  • 3 Maps with Multiple Variations
  • Fully Supported Online Leaderboards