A Rogue Escape Beta Signups

A Rogue Escape is a virtual reality adventure game coming in 2021 that developer Spare Parts Oasis and publisher Armor Games Studios describe as "enigmatic." This reimagines Nauticrawl, a rogue-lite puzzle game nominated in the 2019 IndieCade. It features an effort to solve puzzles to commandeer a giant mech to flee a hostile planet. You can get a quick look through this trailer, and if you find this enigma intriguing you can sign up for the closed beta through this form. Here's more:
Using clues left behind by former operators, players will navigate five distinct control centres, mastering mechanics and solving puzzles to progress through A Rogue Escape's tense story.

A Rogue Escape builds on the tense escape room feel of Spare Parts Oasis’ first title Nauticrawl, offering a truly genre-busting challenge. The team partnered with VR development studio, Sylphe Labs, to reimagine Nauticrawl’s titular vehicle as a completely 3D inhabitable space. The game can be enjoyed standing or sitting, with little spare room required to play.