Crusader Kings III Getting Ruler Designer

Dev Diary #45 for Crusader Kings III features patch notes for an upcoming version 1.2 update for the medieval grand strategy sequel. This includes a video to show off the new Ruler Designer feature this will implement. The update and new feature are discussed in even further detail in a post on Xbox Wire from Paradox Interactive Community Manager Troy Pruitt. Here's what he says about the return of the Ruler Designer and other changes coming in the patch:
Fans loved the Ruler Designer in Crusader Kings II, so we have brought that back for Crusader Kings III. Now players can create their rulers before the game starts, enabling them to try out genius scholars, dwarf schemers, and giant romantics – whatever their hearts desire. There is almost no limit on the kind of ruler that can be designed.

  • Choose your ruler’s starting realm and then dive into the designer.
  • Play as male or female, with any in-game culture, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Customize their appearance, including facial appearance and hair style.
  • Add traits and fine tune their skills. Make a brilliant strategist or holy administrator.
  • Add illnesses or injuries for extra challenge.
  • Earn achievements if your character is built within certain limits.

The Ruler Designer update is accompanied by a general game update that adds a few other minor features.

  • Kill List that tracks the executions, battle slayings and (known) murders by characters in the game.
  • UI Improvements to the Dynasty view.
  • Military Improvements allowing you to attach armies to your main force and preventing raising levies in a province beyond its supply limit.
  • Siberian Paganism added to the game as a new Faith.
  • Ugly characters now have more exaggerated facial features.
  • Changes to rules and options. Nudity is now a game setting, not rule. The rule set can now be configured to affect frequency of AI matrilineal marriages.