Out of the Blue

I had a great new wildlife experience the other day when I realized there was some sort of animal fishing in the pond. It was hard to get a good look, as it barely surfaced between dives, but my assumption is it was some sort of otter. It was really cool seeing this in action, even with how elusive it was. My hopes that this entertainment would continue have not come true, however, as aside from that one sighting, it does not seem to have returned. This actually makes sense, as while the pond is fairly large as decorative ponds go, it's still a pretty small hunting ground, and probably wouldn't provide enough fish to sustain an otter for very long. We're not that far from a pretty large lake, and I imagine that this would be far more appealing to an otter, presuming it stays in the area. But I do hope it returns for an occasional visit.

Obituary: LockOnFiles founder Tom Weiss.

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