NG20+ This Week

Nordic Games announces their NG20+ festival begins this week, launching on Wednesday for all, with an early start tomorrow for pass holders. Here's the game plan:
Doubling up on NG20, May’s successful digital debut – which pass holders can once again enjoy on Tuesday, 24 November – this week’s conference celebrates twice the Nordic Game knowledge, emotion and business in 2020, as the NG20+ live stream kicks-off at 10:30 CET on Wednesday, 25 November from Slagthuset in Malmö.

Opening the conference with Unboxing NG20+, host and Nordic Game program director Jacob Riis, along with co-hosts and Sharkmob developers Sara Casén and Rasmus Kunstlicher, will guide the live audience through this week’s exciting (and extensive) speaker program, the many activities slated for the Nordic Game Discord channel, the new Chatroulette à la Nordic Game, the highly anticipated NGDC Season IV Grand Finals and much, much more.