Gym Tycoon Early Access

Gym Tycoon is now ready to pump... you up on Steam, offering an Early Access Windows game that allows you to run your own fitness empire. This industry has taken a hit in the age of COVID-19, but this lets you to run your gymnasium without being a super-spreader. There's a playable demo if you want a sample an a Launch Trailer with a look at what to expect. Here's a bit more before we hit the showers:
Gym Tycoon is the ultimate management game in which you can evolve your business into a unique world-renowned gym capable of attracting, training and turning it’s customers into true prize-winning fans.

Gym Tycoon is being launched in Early Access and it will stay like that for around 12 months. In the current version of the game you will be able to build and furnish your gym, attract customers, keep them satisfied, watch them develop and take part in contests.

The full version of Gym Tycoon will contain staffing, bars and wellness facilities as well as more furniture. Some features and content present in the game will have rough edges (e.g. missing animations) and missing features, refinements and balances will be added over time.


  • Design your own unique gym using the powerful construction tools!
  • Furnish your gym using a wide variety of upgradable training equipment.
  • Attract, train & turn your customers into true fans. Each customer is unique & you're in control.

Coming Soon

  • Colour your gym furniture.
  • Unlock more furniture and skills with experience points.
  • Train prize-winning customers to compete in prestigious competitions!
  • Hire & manage staff, keep them satisfied and level up your gym!