SimBus Announced

Publisher PlayWay announces plans for SimBus, another addition to their gigantic roster of simulations of everything under the sun. This is coming to Steam where it currently carries a TBA release date, probably because developer SimRail is still also working on completing SimRail 2021, their recently announced eponymous railway simulator. Neither project involves Maxis, though one wonders if these titles may eventually involve Maxis' lawyers. This trailer shows some retro and modern scenarios, including sexy speed-bump physics. The description follows:
SimBus is new, advanced bus simulator. Drive historic and modern vehicles from all parts of the world. Visit living cities of USA, Europe and China in different eras. Become bus driver, follow the timetable and meet other players on multiplayer mode.

Main features:

  • faithfully made historical and modern vehicles models
  • realistic street traffic
  • locations mapped using geodetic data
  • real-time weather conditions and full day-night cycle
  • popular steering wheels, gamepads support
  • authentic bus physics and sounds
  • interactive passengers
  • multiplayer mode
  • high graphic quality thank to use Unity technology