Ubisoft Montréal Situation a "Hoax"

CBC News has the latest on the Police Activity near the offices of Ubisoft Montréal mentioned earlier. They say that this turned out to be a hoax:
The 911 call that sent police and ambulances to the offices of a Montreal gaming company on Friday was a hoax, police sources have confirmed.

Dozens of police officers, some of them heavily armed, arrived outside one of the buildings used by Mile End Ubisoft — at the corner of St-Laurent Boulevard and St-Viateur Street, a neighbourhood in the central Plateau-Mont-Royal borough — around 1:30 p.m. ET. Ambulances were also at the scene.

Specialized tactical officers evacuated the building. But no threat was detected and no one was injured, police say. They say the operation began in response to a 911 call, now deemed a hoax, earlier in the afternoon.

The specifics of the hoax remain unclear.