Get Teleglitch: Die More Edition for Free

A Paradox Interactive sale is underway on offering up to 80% off on select Paradox titles all weekend. To celebrate, they are also giving away free copies of Teleglitch: Die More Edition, so you have two days to collect this 100% discount and this will be yours to keep. This includes the base version of the top-down roguelike shooter along with the Guns and Tunes DLC. Here's a trailer and more on the game:
In a cold, dark future dominated by mega-corporations, a small lonely planet on the edge of habitable space is the site of a shadowy research facility specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation. You are a scientist who has suddenly awoken to the realization that you are the lone survivor. The rest of the facility’s personnel have all been killed – micro-chipped and reactivated as combatants by the facility’s central processing AI.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is a roguelike top-down shooter with retro pixel graphics. Featuring procedurally generated maps that change with each play through, you will never experience the same facility twice. Clutch your gun, walk down the dark corridors and enter each new room hoping those last few rounds of ammunition will be enough. Feel the anxiety, the paranoia and the sheer terror of Teleglitch.